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Do It Right the First Time or, «Win By Not Losing»!

Being in a crisis mode - or not - is a constant challenge to industrial practices: How can we optimise the efficiency of our efforts? The focus may be on resources, costs, or simply the time that is dedicated to any process.

We face particular challenges these days, unique in history, some of these particular challenges may be right in front of us, others not as visible. Many in the pharmaceutical industry have been forced to focus on increasing capacities to quickly resolve higher product demand. Other industries are faced with the challenge of ramping up production after extended plant closure. Questions to consider include how to recover cash flow and budget, how to make up for incurred losses or any number of unique and pressing questions in considering the corporate situation.


Our Western cultural thinking leads us to jump into projects in an effort to get going, often without considering any number of important factors. This often leads to mid-stream course corrections, or second attempts to get it right, either of which will increase efforts, especially at the end of the project when it all has to come together (red curve in figure 1). If we increase the time spent thinking, brainstorming, and game-planning upfront, evaluating various options and risks, while creating a better plan for execution, we will be better positioned to prevent any errors and second guessing. Thinking a project through in the beginning enables quicker and easier execution and flexibility, and leads to a higher probability of success - without extra spending (blue curve in figure 1).











This approach can be summarised under the term «Right the First Time». Minimising the resources and expenditures needed to identify errors, and the time wasted in having to analyse for root cause and prevention and having to start again will help complete project deliverables with improved speed and reliability. Another positive side effect will be enhanced trust throughout the organisation. Highly efficient processes, running without unexpected stoppage, deviation, or failure.

properQMR can help in undertaking process analyses, identification, and implementation of next level processes. Whether a particular process for consideration in your supply chain structure, or GMP compliance and assurance of Quality in any area, our tool set can support your analysis and identify highly customised solutions that create value and explore savings potential. Our focus is helping your company make the best use of existing resources, and how we can best support the growth of your company - optimising processes at every stage.

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