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Data Collection

The system collects Values for every defined Metric, calculates KPIs, and propagates based on the specifications.  Each Data item contains information about its origin and the Period the Value is assigned to. Every collected Data item is stored in the database and cannot be altered.

Data Processing

Data is processed based on the configured KPIs, roles and rules, KPIs are calculated and according to definitions, stakeholders are informed of outcomes and/or further required actions.

Management Reporting

Reports summarize the Data for a defined Period. Navigation in the organizational hierarchy allows users to observe the various Metrics. Granular aggregation provides high-level overview with the ability to drill-down to identify origins of unexpected or problematic behaviour.

Action Planning

Supported by existing strategy and the ppQMR team, the organizational corporate data strategy is created and/or regularly updated to reflect organisational changes, status  

Process Optimisation

Coordination within the organisation aligned with uniform reporting structure, focus on identification of actions (ex. CAPA) for continuous improvement, simplification and clarity, quality culture promoted through transparency.

Parameter Customisation

A typical example for a parameter group is a set of criteria related to Human Resources: a suitable name for the parameter group might be ‘HR parameters’, typical criteria might be total, on vacation, ill, on parental leave. These are updated as necessary to reflect client-guided customisation.

The properQMR Process

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