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properQMR offers a software-supported, consultative solution that enables any organisation to fulfil their regulatory responsibilities and realise the power of their data.

The properQMR process can be applied to any organisation or industry where improved business intelligence can provide increased efficiencies and reduced costs.


Industrial applications include highly regulated areas such as: pharmaceutical & medical device manufacturing; banking and financial services; government agencies; automotive manufacturing, and electrical utilities. The software can also integrate various Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) management features. 

The properQMR solution allows users to analyse trends in their data which can be visualised, aggregated, and differentiated by unit, department, or geographical location. At the same time, end-to-end encrypted data is available to management in real time on any device.

Data entry, calculations of derived parameters, detailed analysis, and presentation in multiple formats are collected and delivered in one application.


Finally, any interaction with the software is stored in a revision-proof audit facility, providing maximum transparency and security for management, auditors, and regulators.

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Feature Article: March 2022

Regular QMR process obligations are an essential yet resource intensive component of the pharmaceutical business.


The process is often manual and accumulated data must be converted through tables to compile presentations for management review. Management meanwhile, in the actual review meeting, may be seeing the data for the first time.

Instead of productive discussion, time is wasted trying to decipher the data, meaning less time to consider improvements or make decision regarding the underlying information or observed trends, leading to cross-organizational inefficiencies.

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